Work With Me

I work with those ready for change who are willing commit to their physical and mental health.

This is not a medical program or diet plan.

There are no meals or supplements for purchase.

Most of us eat when we’re stressed, under pressure, disappointed, bored, overwhelmed, sad, hurt, or to feel pleasure.

How many times have you eaten what you know you shouldn’t because you worked through lunch and are starving?

Kept eating past when you weren’t hungry because the day ended badly and you just wanted to feel better?

Or to celebrate a win? For camaraderie or connection with friends/family/colleagues?

You’ll learn how to let go of emotional eating so you can eat in a way that fuels your body.

We’ll clear out the spinning in your head about food and everything else, so you can use food to help you through your day and get on with it.

Everyone is unique. Together we’ll discover what works for your body and a way to incorporate it into your busy life.

No foods are banned.

You’ll learn to listen to your body. To eat when you are hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. To work with your body instead of against it.

The process is not time-consuming. In fact, you’ll spend less time on food and thinking about your weight than you do now.

You won’t be talking about your failings session after session. Understanding why is important, but application of new skills transforms.

You can have the life you want and a great body.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to love the way you look, take care of yourself without deprivation, and feel in complete control?

To get started, sign up for my free course.