Julie Ernst, CCJD

Julie Ernst, CCJD

My Approach

We’re taught to be hard-working, people-pleasing, high achievers. Get the promotion or grow our business. Mentor younger colleagues. Nurture our kids. Run our household and family’s social lives. Plan vacations. Handle finances. Assist elders and help neighbors. We host holiday meals and coordinate gift giving. The calendar says it’s parent night at school, again. There’s a deadline for everything. Oh, and be sure to look like a million bucks. Exercise—check. Schedule doctor’s appointments—on the list. It’s endless.

Where did we learn these expectations?

Society tells us to have it all, do it all, keep it up, and be happy, happy, happy.

But when do we learn to take care of ourselves and our mental health? Could anything be more important?

It turns out there’s nothing wrong with you if you’ve got lots of balls in the air, are juggling just fine (or not so well), and find yourself depending on a glass of wine or the whole bottle. You think you should be able to manage better, and you try… but.

There’s real science behind why we turn to alcohol and what we need to do to stop drinking, or just cut back. Your mind is not the problem—it’s the answer. I use positive psychology, the latest neuroscience and well-honed coaching techniques to help you get where you want to be.

Want to learn more about your brain working for you and not against you when it comes to drinking? Take my free course.