Julie Ernst, Esq., Certified Weight Loss Coach (For Women Lawyers Only)

Julie Ernst, Esq., Certified Weight Loss Coach (For Women Lawyers Only)

My Approach

Women lawyers are hard-working, people-pleasing, high achievers.

We manage our clients, our business, our families, our household.

As we become more successful, time for ourselves evaporates. Clients and kids come first, followed by husbands, extended family, friends. Self care is far down the list, and often we never get to it.

Where did we learn these expectations?

Society tells us to have it all, do it all, keep it up, and be happy, happy, happy.

Burnout is around the corner my friend. Remember the advice to put your own mask on first?

Could anything be more important than taking care of ourselves and our physical and mental health?

It turns out there’s nothing wrong with you if you’ve got lots of balls in the air, are juggling just fine (or not so well), and find yourself using food as a reward or distraction from stress, or simply for pleasure. You think you should have better control, and you want to … but.

There’s real science behind why we turn to food and what we need to do to stop overeating.

Your mind is not the problem—it’s the answer.

I use positive psychology, the latest science and well-honed coaching techniques to help you get where you want to be.

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