Julie Ernst, Esq., Certified Weight Loss Coach (For Women Lawyers Only)

Julie Ernst, Esq., Certified Weight Loss Coach (For Women Lawyers Only)

About Me

Attorneys say they’re too busy to eat healthy. No time for the gym. It’s all they can do to put out the fire of the day.

Having practiced family law for over two decades, I’ve been there.

From the outside, I was killing it.

Inside, I was still the fat kid others made fun of in grade school. Though I was no longer bulimic like I was in college, the pain of wanting to be thin and in control continued.

I hated buying clothes because nothing ever looked good.

I felt ashamed when I undressed and saw myself in the mirror.

As a mom and career woman, I struggled to lose the same weight over and over, often gaining more.

I tried every popular diet. Read countless weight loss books. Remember the cabbage soup diet? Susan Powter? South Beach? You know who you are.

I watched new lawyers put on excess weight year after year. It seemed like an epidemic of attorneys gaining extra pounds along with experience.

I started to think lawyer stress and a demanding schedule combined with family obligations equaled overweight, period.

I bought bigger pants, then comfy dresses without waistbands.

When diagnosed with heart disease in my early forties, I read everything I could get my hands on about eating right and exercise. I took a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. Attended yoga and meditation retreats. Got a certificate in Positive Psychology.

As much as I tried, I couldn’t keep my weight down.

Sick of feeling bad about how I looked, and the roller coaster of blaming myself for what I should eat and what I did eat, I hired a coach specializing in weight loss.

It was the best investment of my life.

Everything changed.

No more starving, cravings or using food as my coping technique. No more worry about food.

No. More. Beating. Myself. Up.

I learned to use my mind to stop overeating and lost the weight for good.

Now keeping my right size is easy. Shopping is quick and fun.

Once I found the answer I had to share it. I became a certified weight loss coach to help other female lawyers just like you.

I did it. I’ve helped other attorneys do it. I can help you, too.

I work only with currently practicing women lawyers.

Let’s end the mental drama so you can finally feel good about yourself and live as you were meant to live.

To get started, sign up for my free course.